birds tattoos

Meaning of swallow tattoos

Swallow tattoos were popular among sailors. They usually tattooed swallow on neck, chest and hands. Today, many people choose swallow as tattoo design, because it symbolize love, relation towards with family, hope or natural freedom. This bird is a very popular tattoo design, symbol of swallow can be individual too. In many cases people are tattooing pairs of swallows.

Meaning of parrot tattoos

Parrot tattoo can symbolize beauty and dreams about tropical island. This colourful bird look very decorative. It's a perfect tattoo design with bird. Tattoos with parrot had people who loves these birds or if parrot design mean something good for their. In tattoos with parrot very important is colour of plumage. This detail is associated with our life (sun, water, fire). Parrot tattoo can symbolize wonderful life, charm and uniqueness.

Meaning of stork tattoos

Stork, of course is associated with birth. First symbol of tattoo with stork is life. Second, but very important meanings in many cultures is good luck, joy and fortune. Stork in tattoo can be funny or normal. People choose stork as tattoo design because it can symbolize:
- purity
- new birth
- motherhood
- fidelity

Meaning of turkey tattoos

Turkey as animal many people associated with symbol of thanksgiving. Tattoos with turkey isn't popular on all the world, but some people have got it. This design have an interesting symbolism, turkey tattoo can mean pride, virility, generosity and abundance. Turkey tattoo is so decorative and look real good on the body.

Meaning of owl tattoos

Generally, owls are perceived as a lonely hunter which are working only at night. Although, it doesn't mean that owl represent only negative symbolism. The owl is also universal sign of intelligent person. In many old stories the owl is introduced as the voice of reason.
The owl as motive in tattoos it's a symbol of knowledge, the secret and the darkness. Tattoos with owls can symbolize both the secret of our inside and also some important practical wisdom. Other meanings of tattoo with owl:
- freedom
- protection
- experience
- rarity
- independent