birds tattoos

Meaning of eagle tattoos

The eagles are unusual birds. In world, the eagle bird is notice as free and independent animal. They are majestic and have predatory nature too. Tattoos with eagle are good for people who dislike borders and want to show his free and independent nature. Eagle is a symbol of cherishing freedom.
Tattoo designs with eagle often are being chosen by men, but women have this motive on the body too. The most popular are patterns with eagles in flights, in the moment of the attack or sitting on the branch. The eagle is a symbol of power, wisdom and honour. This bird was an imperial bird for Aztecs.

Meaning of hummingbird tattoos

In American culture, the hummingbird is a symbol of joy and achieving things which seems impossible. Also, it's a symbol of love, desire and beauty. The hummingbird is able to fly the back, teaching us by it that we can look backwards at our past but we must make progress. This bird have a spiritual meaning too. In South America is a symbol of rising from dead. The humminbirds are well-known as long distance birds in order to achieve one's purpose. Hummingbird can symbolize hope and aspiration of dreams. These birds are associated with following features:
- vitality
- loyalty
- emotions
- peace

- healing

Meaning of dove tattoos

Generally, dove is a symbol of peace. In the Bible this bird was a messanger of hope. Also, it's a symbol of Holy Spirit. In China, doves are symbol of Mother Earth so it associated with fertility and longevity.
The dove as tattoo design can be interpreted to a lot of ways. The most popular meanings of tattoo with dove:
- devotion
- messanger
- hope
- grace
- love
- holiness

Meaning of peacock tattoos

Peacock is a bird with rich colours, so often is identified with kingliness, the immortality and the solar glory. The peacock is associated with eminence and glory but also is a symbol of pride and vanities.
When we use peacock motive in tattoos, meanings can be various. Often tattoo design with peacock symbolize:
- awakening
- glory
- spirituality

Meaning of swan tattoos

Swan is associated with light, death, beauty and sadness. But the most common symbolism of swan is ability of changes. The swan is good symbol of transformation. In ancient Greece, the swan was being identified with Hermes. Greeks believed that swan before death was uttering the beautiful voice from itself known as the "swansong".
Symbolism of swan tattoos can be various. This bird in tattoo can mean love, grace, balance or purity.