birds tattoos

Meaning of magpie tattoos

Tattoos with magpie isn't enough popular. But we can meet people who choose this motive. Probably, they believe in symbolism of magpie tattoos. The most popular meanings are: intellect, flashy, perceptive, illusion, willful.

Meaning of rooster tattoos

People don't know that rooster is an important symbol in tattoos. This animal have a long history and in Celtic culture is a sign of illumination. Tattoo designs with rooster can symbolize very individual things. Many tattoos describe by it symbolism of pride, strength, honesty, vigilance and courage.

Meaning of sparrow tattoos

In Old Testament, sparrow is a symbol of lonelinesses. In New Testament this bird symbolize humility. Also, in Greek mythology sparrow is known too. It's associated with goddess Aphrodite and fertility. Japanese people believe that sparrow is a symbol of loyalty.
Tattoos with sparrow are popular among women. Today, these designs symbolize many things and attributes like joy, protection, friendliness, inclusion or simplicity.